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    Newborn Vamp
    Newborn Vamp

    Numarul mesajelor : 75
    Data de inscriere : 26/06/2009
    Varsta : 25
    Localizare : in my world:X


    Mesaj Scris de Marcus la data de Dum Iun 28, 2009 11:06 pm

    Milow, un cantaret din Belgia, a facut un cover intr-o maniera aparte piesei "Ayo Technology", un track semnat 50 Cent!

    Piesa originala, creata in colaborare cu Justin Timberlake si Timbaland, a fost transformata de catre Milow intr-un single de exceptie, catalogat de multi, mult mai bun decat originalul.


    Video :X:Xe bestial e mai bun ca originalul:X

    Today Milow, or 27-year-old singer-songwriter Jonathan Vandenbroeck (°1981) as he is known to his friends and relatives, is a household name in his native country. He is one of Belgium's (also known for: dEUS, Soulwax, K's Choice, Jacques Brel) most successful singer-songwriters as we speak.

    Traditionally singer-songwriters are seasoned street-musicians, timeless surfer boys or fascinating hermits. Milow is a different kind of singer-songwriter. He is the full-option, all-in-one model, combining artistic integrity with success and success with total independence.

    Milow was born in the eighties and grew up musically in the nineties of Radiohead and Nirvana. He quickly discovered important securities: that everything starts with 4 walls and 6 strings, that he loves the young Bruce Springsteen and the eternally young Neil Young, that his acoustic guitar is his best friend and that he wants a future in music (“Instead of a future, I’ve got a guitar”).

    Essentially, Milow is an old-school songwriter. He makes pointy popsongs that are eye-catching because of their strong images and their poetic finesse. Content-wise he is happy to break with that tradition to experiment. And he does the same when it comes to the business aspect. Milow is his own manager and his own record boss.

    A golden rule in the music industry: first do your homework before you head out into the world. And boy did Milow do his homework! His artistic coming out happened in style. In 2004 he was a finalist in the most important rock contest in the country of Jacques Brel and dEUS. His strongest song also became his first number 1. Real talents emerge at an early age and immediately put their cards on the table.

    Milow is very talented. He is a man with a golden touch. After five years in Belgium he managed to harvest two golden singles, two golden albums, eight Music Industry Awards (MIA) and three appearances at the Werchter festival. Time to broaden the horizon.

    ‘Ayo Technology’ (2009) is a wonderful cover of a wonderful song by 50 Cent. He was praised by Perez Hilton, the most popular celebrity blogger in the US, and by top producer Kanye West. The single reached the number one spot in Belgium and the Netherlands – only the tenth Belgian act to ever do that –, reached number 2 in Germany, and prepares the rest of Europe for Milow. Another accomplishment: at Pinkpop 2009 (NL) he plays after his big hero Springsteen (Bruce is the final act on the main stage on May 30 and Milow opens that same stage on May 31).

    It is good to know Milow. It is striking how many young people can relate to his texts and to which extent. What is more, because of him they have a taste of a music tradition that is close to an anachronism for people from the eighties and nineties. When you are looking for a talented performer and storyteller with a strong band, you will like him. When you like seasoned, timeless and fascinating songs, you will love him. If you are a radio producer with an ear for good songs or a reporter with a nose for a good story, he is your man.

    Sper sa va placa:X:Xeu ii ador varianta de la Ayo Technology :X:X:X

    other videos:

      Acum este: Mier Dec 12, 2018 8:44 am